We will create a digital augmented spray can. A mashup out of an off the shelf smartphone and regular graffiti spray can. It will all be tailored into beautiful new physical and interactive device that is connected with a projector. The installation is set up in public space. Best is a lively place or street where a lot of people are passing by. We will hand out the play-cans to the people that now can draw, write and express their ideas on the wall. Colour, stroke size, dripping can be adjusted on the integrated smartphone inteface that also detects the motion and drawing action. By this a huge colourful image will come up that shines and attracts more people.

We hook up on a strong and easy to understand metaphor as an interaction. Everyone knows, even when only by watching, how to use a spray can or smart phone. Because it´s embodied interaction, people can see how to use the installation, just by watching it.  And it has this touch of illegal action. It can have a preventive effect and people may appreciate the opportunity to let out their thoughts in a visible and less damaging way.

The fact that the piece is still visible on the internet avoids the feeling of just doing it for the moment. It will be linked on a internat map service directly where the action was happening. The city will be augmented with a layer of  hybrid graffiti (partly real, partly digital)

The projector can be set up on the other street site or be on a van. We used to do shows with interactive projection also using a bike with car batteries. There are many options that make this system appliable to any urban situation, ranging from Bristol to Cairo.