Like every half a year Christian is attending the presentation of the courses he held at the industrial  design department at the University of the Arts Berlin. This year there was  a lot to see ranging from free studio projects to an ” all around the city” parcour.


The first project presentation was a more or less workshop talk about progresses regarding the design and development of a modular carpet system. The two students did a very good job and everyone attending the presentations was  looking forward to see the final results end of april. Christian was hosting this project as a mentor alongside Prof. Inge Sommer.

Christian was mainly responsible in this winterterm for the course dealing with design basics of rapid prototyping. The design practice group was urged to create tools for uncommon matters, focused on tools for advanced mating for digital natives. Human and social relationships change and erode in the capitalistic mainstream and by overproportional use of social hyper media. Christian wanted them to go back to reality and design concepts and artefacts that point towards sustainable and deeper relations by taking care of the users unique characteristics. The tools were ranging from a 3D printed fan to subcutaneous bone hacks. Also some milled objects found their way into the presentation. It was again a pleasure to see the students progress in their design and communication skill. There was a massive support by Holger Jahns with his extensive CAD support and Hanna Wiesener who was co-hosting this project.


Glowing ears to attract the females attention? The Shyne glasses by Swann Nowak were 3d printed and controlled with a little arduino micro controller set up.


A detail of the modified temples that allow fine adjustment of the glowing ears





It´s not over till it´s over. Last one finished his presentation we hopped on the rented bus and had a trip through Berlin visiting all the designed shopping windows from our students. The advanced design group had to research and design shopping windows all over Berlin. The job contained the persuading of the shop owner, designing a model of the idea and installing it in the shop to make it last at least two weeks. Also it was duty to hold a lecture regarding urban planning, shop window culture and advertising. All critical and detailed in argumentation andd layout. There were some amazing installations. Some static, some projected, some kinetic and even one interactive. All made up with little budget and a lot of love. Thanks to Sarah Illenberger for being on board and Jörg Höltje for his help throughout the term.




  • 14.10. 2011 – 21.02.2012
  • Faculty of Design
  • University of the Arts Berlin
  • Annika Unger
  • Dominic Schneider
  • Johannes Mücke
  • Julia Brink
  • Julia Viertmann
  • Matthias Gerber
  • Swann Nowak
  • Tobias Tavella
  • Christopher Supardjo
  • Dirk Biotto
  • Friederike Delius
  • Johanna Halstenberg
  • Marco Merkel
  • Maren Bönsch
  • Maria Schwermer
  • Martina Dimitrova
  • Michael Erbach
  • Rei kigoshi