The Constitute uses the potency of academic research, artistic practice and economic reason to create outstanding and unique experiences, objects and processes. Our work relies on digital and physical expressions, visual language for bodily presence, public space and inner peace,  and the poetic qualities of speculation, error and inspiration.

Within the last 11 years we´ve been showcasing our work internationally and worked with clients and partners from cultural organisations, media outlets and research institutions. We contribute improvements of creative and structural processes and consulting in the fields of participation, education and aesthetic production.

All our work has a forecasting, speculative and partly critical approch. We strongly believe in the power of design to create impact on a social, economical or cultural level, to improve all people lifes. Sharing knowledge and enabling access to is important to us. Therefore we regularly phold courses and workshops in numerous academic institutions, helping students and professionals redefining and refining their designerly expertises. 2017 we started the Fabmobil project to bring creative technologies to youths in rural decentralized areas in East Germany.


The Constitute is a gang of two plus.  We are more than a lab and less than an institute. We combine quick and process driven innovation from experimental lab situations with the focused and academic work of an institutional organisation. Special needs demand special teams. We constitute units precisely selected on the expertise that is necessary to run a project. This process is basic to own art and research projects aswell as to commissioned works. Our fields of expertise are Art Direction, Research and Development, Speculative Design, Creative Technologies, Social Design and Time Travels. When things get complicated we widen our team with free radicals towards Digital Visuals, Hardware Programming, CAD Engineering, Music Performance and App Development.



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