Landsichten Innovation Camp / Görlitz
14.09. – 16.09.2019
Innovation camp to explore creative strategies for transforming and developing rural areas

Hurra Hurra Festival
04.10. – 06.10.2019
46h long festival on Design Education in the 21st century

Republica Stage #rp19 / Berlin
06.05. – 08.05.2019
Hosting own stage with the Fabmobil at Republica Conference


Kinder Biennale / Dresden
15.09. – 18.02.2019
3D printed Porcelain and participatory education program on creative technologies

Republica Stage #rp18 / Berlin
02.05. – 06.05.2018
Hosting own stage with the Fabmobil at Republica Conference

Digital Arts Lab / Berlin
05.01 – 09.01.2017
3D printed Porcelain with KPM Berlin


Tasmeem Biennal Doha / Quatar
15.03. – 18.03.
SMSlingshot Arab Version, EYEsect and Porcelain Printing Workshop

Replica Knowledge Symposium
02.02. – 04.02.2017 Talk and Exhibition about Future Heritage project

Amsterdam Light Festival
15.12 – 09.01.2017
Human Beeing at Hortus Botanicus


Villa Mediterane, Marseille / France
08.12.: Future Heritage – 3D printed ceramics

Retune Festival, Berlin / Germany
05.10.: Organisation, Panels, this and that

Maker Faire, Berlin / Germany
28.9 – 2.10.: Future Heritage – 3D printed ceramics

Fuchsbau Festival, Hannover / Germany
14.08.: EYEsect on show for three days

Heart of Noise Festival in Innsbruck / Austria
02.05.: EYEsect and G-frame

Musrara Mix Festival Jerusalem / Israel
25.04.- 27.04: Human Beeing installation

Tin Con Festival Berlin / Germany/
26.04.: SMSlingshot for three days

Future Heritage Ramallah / Palestine
13.04 – 20.04.: EYEsect and G-frame


Asian Arts Festival, Quanzhou/ China
08.12.: “G-frame” Performance

Federal Embassy, Berlin / Germany
27.11.: “G-frame, EYEsect, Behind the Seen” during UNESCO light year closing

Cite du Design, St. Etienne / France
27.11.: “EYEsect” for the science-fiction interface exhibition. Video only

Enjoy Jazz Festival, Heidelberg / Germany
03.10.: “Shades of Grain” Audio-Video performance

Tech Open Air, Berlin / Germany
15.07.: “EYEsect” drifting among the participants

Museum of the Arts, Cleveland / USA
20.06.: “G-frame” performance on the main facade of the museum

Postbahnhof, Berlin / Germany
18.06.: “G-frame + EYEsect” for Adobe Cloud meet up

RE:publica, Berlin / Germany
05.05.-07.05.: “EYEsect” ativating the TINCON booth

HP Porsche Traumwerk, Aufham / Germany
25.04.: “Interactive exhibits” opening

ici – ailleurs, Geneve / France
15.04.: “EYEsect” exhibited for two weeks


Urban Spree, Berlin / Germany
04.09.: “SMSlingshot” performance for ARTE Tracks at “Urban Spree Garden”

Media facade festival, Helsinki / Finland
21.08. – 24.08.2014: Human Beeing presentation on the central bus station Lasipalatsi

Nacht Digital Festival, Olganitz / Germany
01.08. – 03.08.2014: EYEsect performance next to Siriusmo and Dixon

Art Center and HUST University, Wuhan / China
28.07. – 10.08.2014: Design Fiction and Narrative Prototyping workshop

OSTRALE / Center for contemporary art, Dresden / Germany
18.07.: EYEsect performance

Fusion Festival, Lärz / Germany
26.06. – 29.06.2014: EYEsect meets strange festival people

FACT / Connected Cities, Liverpool / UK
29.05. – 31.05.2014: Showcase of our Bee Hive and lecture about Human Beeing

You Are Here!, Brugge / Belgium
28.03. – 30.03.2014: “SMSlingshot” performance at “you are here – festival”

Schülerforschungszentrum, Freiberg / Germany
19.02. – 23.02.2014: analog mapping workshop for kids between 15-18 years


OCT LOFT Design Festival, Shenzhen / China
06.12. – 05.03.2014: “SMSlingshot” performance and design process exhibition

Connected Cities, Riga / Latvia
06.09. – 07.09.: “Ready To Cloud” performance connecting two distant points of Riga

Gwangju New Media Art Festival / Korea
28.10. – 30.10.: SMSlingshot performance

AND Festival, Liverpool / UK
05.10.: EYEsect performance in the streets of Liverpool

FACT / Connected Cities, Liverpool / UK
06.09. – 07.09.: “Ready To Cloud” performance linked with Bauhausfest (Dessau)

16. Bauhausfest / Connected Cities, Dessau / Germany
06.09. – 07.09.: “Ready To Cloud” performance linked with FACT (Liverpool)

Campus Fest, Leipzig / Germany
20.06. : SMSlingshot performance with the local students association

Design Week, Milan / Italy
08.04. – 13.04.: Ready to Cloud during Fuori Salone

Downtown Contemporary Art Festival, Cairo / Egypt
15.04. – 18.04.: SMSlingshot in the streets of Cairo


Valence fête la lumière, Valence
15.12.: SMSlingshot at fête la lumière, France

Cynet Art, Dresden
15.11.: SMSlingshot at Cynet Art (european center of the arts)

museo die naturale e scienze, Torino
30.10. – 11.11.: SMSlingshot at museo die naturale e scienze, Italy

Share Prize, Torino
10.11.: SMSlingshot at Share Prize / Paratissima, Italy

Cynet Art, Dresden
09.11.: SMSlingshot at Cynet Art (street performance)

Ingravid, Figueres
10.10. – 12.10.: SMSlingshot at Ingravid Festival, Spain

Blogfest, Riva del Garda
29.09.: SMSlingshot at Blogfest, Italy

Chartres en lumiere, Chartres
15.09.: SMSlingshot at Chartres en lumiere, France

Digital Derry, Londonderry Ireland
17.02. – 18.02.: SMSlingshot at Digital Derry Festival, Londonderry Ireland

Bauhaus Desau, Dessau
30.8. – 01.09.: Projektor Orkestor at Bauhaus Dessau Germany

Solstice festival, Cleveland Ohio
29.06.: SMSlingshot at Solstice Festival, Cleveland Ohio

Cromafest, Mexico City
17.02. – 18.02.: SMSlingshot at Cromafest, Mexico City


MOMA, New York
18.07. – 07.11.: SMSlingshot at Museum of Modern Art during the”talk to me” exhibition

Marsatac, Marseille
30.09. – 01.10.: SMSlingshot at Marsatac festival

TODAYS ART, Brussels
30.09. – 01.10.: SMSlingshot at TODAYS ART festival

23.09. – 25.09.: SMSlingshot at TODAYS ART festival

15.09. – 18.09.: SMSlingshot at INCUBATE festival

PLAY IN, Grenoble
24.06. – 25.06.: SMSlingshot at PLAY IN festival pour street art numerique

Scheinbar Sein, Dresden
06.05. – 01.10.: Sketching in Space at Scheinbar sein exhibition at TU Dresden

Körpersichten, Kiel
01.05 – 24.06.: Sketching in Space at Körpersichten exhibitionin Lessinghalle Kiel


Museo de art modern i contemporani, Palma de Mallorca
23.11.: SMSlingshot at Museo de art modern i contemporani es Baluard

STRP, Eindhoven
25.11. – 27.11.: SMSlingshot at STRP festival

Museumsquartier, Vienna
08.10.: SMSlingshot at the Museumsquartier Vienna (commissioned by Amnesty International)

MediaLab Prado, Madrid
11.09.: SMSlingshot at MediaLab Prado

Collegium Hungaricum + FACT, Berlin + Liverpool
27.08.: SMSlingshot at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and FACT Liverpool in virtual connection via urban Mediascreen

FILE, Sao Paulo
26.07. – 28.07.: SMSlingshot at FILE festival / Paulista Interactiva

Hannover Industry Fair, Hannover
19.04.-24.04.: SMSlingshot (video only) at Hannover Industry Fair

Deutsche Technikmuseum, Berlin
01.02 – 15.02.: SMSlingshot as Piece of the Art of Engeneering Exhibition at Deutsches Technikmuseum

MIT MediaLab, Boston Massachusetts
27.01 – 02.02.: SMSlingshot Demo at the TEI°10 conference at the MIT MediaLab


Form+Zweck, Berlin
05.12.: SMSlingshot and results of the Ardunio Workshops at Form+Zweck Soiree

KIM?, Riga
12.09.: SMSlingshot at KIM? contemporary art museum

DMY, Berlin
17.06.: Sketching in Space – the results at Designtransfer gallery during DMY


Mediafacades festival, Berlin
17.10.: Spread.gun at Collegium Hungaricum during the mediafacades festival

Snow sculpture, Italy
07.01-17.01.: Arschbombe and Scarabäus at Snow sculpture festival, San Candido and San Virgillio




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