As part of Christians work as a professor for experimental design methods at Burg Giebichenstein Art University Halle he conducted a research project on design education that culminated into a 46h festival. Students, teachers and designers experiment, create and discuss new concepts, applied models and requirements for design education in today’s world. For three days, the Design Campus of Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle was transformed into a peer-to-peer meeting place: 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus, BURG examined school systems, experimented in learning methods, deconstructed expert discussions and reconstructed them in open discussion forums. Together we celebrated, coded and danced discovered and invented, argued and found common grounds.


The design education festival is the result of an interdisciplinary term project in summer 2019. It is mainly curated, designed, organised and produced by design students from the design department at Burg Giebichenstein. Together students and professors have developed non-hierarchical working structures and a new communication culture in the semester project, researched and invited the participants for the program, designed the spatial structure and identified technical requirements. The festival was by students for students. It discussed, what content we want to deal with in design studies and, above all, how we want to learn. The results have been collected during the festival and will be structured and published for everyone to see.

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  • DATE
  • 04.10. – 06.10.2019 – Burg Giebichenstein

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    • Team
    • Christian Zöllner
    • Matthias Görlich
    • Hanna Petruschat
    • Tony Beyer
    • Peter Hermans
    • Valena Ammon
    • Tessa Darimont
    • Arne Flach
    • Timm Hergert
    • Julia Ernst
    • Irmela Krach
    • Franziska Meister
    • Klara Scheller
    • Sophie Thurner
    • Alexia von Salomon