Energie Mobil



Mobile Exhibition Space

We have been working with the Federal Ministry for Research and Science for many years, in particular with the Futurium in Berlin. In 2022, the ministry commissioned us to develop a mobile exhibition architecture that brings knowledge and information about renewable energies to marketplaces, schools and places in rural areas.

Since the requirement was that the complete exhibition must be transportable by an electric vehicle, we designed a trailer that can be opened in different directions. On the one hand, it is recognizable from afar as an attractive lighthouse and, on the other hand, it offers enough space to present all exhibits in the best possible way.



The exterior design is deliberately participatory. Stickers allow visitors to paste their impressions and experiences directly onto the exterior surface of the trailer. This creates an important overall impression of how renewable energies are perceived and accepted by the general public.


The interior design is as variable as possible. A parametrically designed plug-in system allows exhibits to be repositioned and, if necessary, exchanged during the course of the project. During travel times, the plug-in connections serve as transport safety devices.


The project was developed in close collaboration with Robin Godwyll and Gina Hartig.

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  • YEAR
  • 2022 / ongoing