Over the past years we´ve been co-curating the program and production of the Retune conference. Retune started of as a community event in Berlin back in 2012 where we´ve been invited lecturers and workshop hosts. Immediately we teamed up and co-organized the conference along with Julian Adenauer. For the many years now we invited speakers from all over the world, focusing on the critical and foreseeing use of technologies. Beside the speaking parts, Retune always puts the making in the foreground. Workshops are an essential part to the events and attendees can explore new and still uncovered technologies and prectices in one day formats. The hosts are key persons in their fields, pushing the boundaries to new extends.


It is important to us to share knowledge and skills. With the Retune festival and with the conferences over the past years, we learned a lot and met so many wonderful people, not possible to count.


And even the participants come with a strong expertise, what lead to the decision to change the conference format to festival in 2016.  More exchange and no main division between speaker and audience. Smaller formats, intense exchange, extensive intersections. For that we occupied a former school building to transform the classrooms in offline chat rooms and playgrounds of uncommon futures. To go beyond the building idea we extended in the neighbour hood and included design studios, cinemas and a church into the location map. Our Fab-Mobil bus was also parked in front of the venue and rode full of artists and curators through Berlin.



  • Julian Adenauer
  • Jasmin Grimm
  • countless volunteers
  • and helping hands