This project is about the creation of participative dynamic motion on buildings without using digital means. For that reason we used overhead projectors that had been hacked in a one week course with student from the industrial design department at the University of the Arts Berlin. The first performance was premiered at the Bauhaus Dessau during the anual light festival happening in end of august. The festivals audience was invited to create own motion graphics on the facade of the Meisterhaus using one or all projectors at the same time. This was big fun on on one hand and also ver educative about colourmixing and grphical grid effects.

We now work on more and solid projector modifications to showcase the orkestor in 2013 on a few festivals, schools and events all around europe. All updates will posted on


  • Frieda Femfert
  • Johanna Halstenberg
  • Julia Brink
  • Karoline Haasters
  • Marizon Bilano
  • Matthias Gerber
  • May Kukulla
  • Swann Nowak
  • Tobias Tavella
  • Julius Streit