Hans Peter Porsche, member of various supervisory boards at, yes, Porsche made one of his dreams come true. His own toy museum. As location he chose southern Bavaria, in front of a massive Alps panorama. The building is an example of outstanding architectural quality and allready a landmark in the area. Main piece of the exhibition is an extra large modell train landscape covering Switzerland, Austria and Germany. To explore the many details in the room filling modell landscape we developed three interactive exhibits: A telescope, a periscope and an innerscope.


The periscope enables the user to pan through various perspectives from a figurines point of view. Users become miniatures themselves and scan the model landscape by rotating the periscope around. To switch between different perspectives and view points, users just have to turn the control wheel on the handle.




With the telescope vistors can observe the model train landscape from a higher point in the exhibition. With 20 times magnification many details unveil that haven´t been visible from the ground floor perspective: kissing couples, car crashes, beer garden escalations. According to the other pieces we designed, the telescope aswell is made out of powdercoated steel with all interactive parts manufactured in bronze. This lead to a patina on the interactive parts that clearly mark where to put hands and how to active the exhibits.



To offer the maximum of exploration, we designed 3 boxes that allow the user overshoulder views into the model train cabins. These innerscopes contain 3D printed colour replicas of original locomotive cabins from three different historical periods. By looking through the bronze rimmed peep holes, users see wha the train driver sees: The model landscape from the railview. The footage has been shot with micro cameras attached to modell trains and is replayed on a small screen behind the miniature cabin for an immersive feeling.