The Constitute was commissioned to create a unique and personal view on Berlin city through a series of interactive projection pieces in the windows of the Goethe Institut in Montreal. As a result, Zeit-Slice is a series of 360° videos showing personal views on 24h Berlin urban culture. The videos are premiered at 3rd of march as touch sensitive window projections at the Goethe Institut. On Boulevard St. Lauraint and Rue Ontario in Downtown Montreal passers by can pan through the 360° videos by touching the glass plate on the large street windows. How magic.

For the premiere event, The Constitute also developed an immersive set up, that allows additionally to the 360° view of the single Berlin space-time constallations also an olfactoric experience. By adding especially designed smelltensions, users dive directly into the Berlin places. This version of the project is called zeitslice SR (SR = scentual reality) and is open to further developments.

The project was realiesed in close cooperation with Jens Beyer.

This displayed 360° videos below can be used with VR headsets or smartphone add ons (Cardboard, Nexus, Samsung Gear VR…) or via the youtube app.